GM760 – pH and Temperature Meter

GM760 – pH and Temperature Handheld Meter

Detection of : pH and Temperature
pH Measuring range : 0-14
Temperature Measuring range: 0-60C
Screen: LCD with white Backlight

Calibration standards Included


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GM760 – pH Meter Handheld

Handheld pH and Temperature meter for use in liquids.

This product has high accuracy, and is stable, reliable, and portable. It can be used in measuring the PH value of the solution and the temperature of the liquid to be measured. It can be applied in the field of industry, electricity, agriculture, medicine, food, scientific research, and environmental protection.


The small and light weight detector is easy to carry
measures liquid pH and Temperature.
Includes calibration standards.


pH Measurement Range: 0-14
Temperature Measurement Range: 0-60C
Onboard Calibration: √ (With standards provided in package)
Low power indicator: √
LCD backlight display: √ (White Backlight)
Work environment: 0-60 C





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