ME-PUK (4-20mA Temperature Transmitter/Sensor – PT1000, PT100, Ni100)

  • 4-20mA Output Transmitter for RTD’s (PT100, PT1000 and NI100)
  • -200C to 800C (PT100)
  • 6V to 32V DC supply voltage
  • Re-programmable (wirelessly via any Android Smartphone NFC)




Temperature Humidity Transmitter 4-20mA Output

This Temperature Humidity Transmitter 4-20mA Output for RTDs (Pt100, PT1000 and Ni100) temperature probes, is designed for temperature measurement in industrial environments, this little device has excellent EMC characteristics. The ME-PUK is a low cost robust Re-programmable (wirelessly via any Android Smartphone) Temperature Transmitter .This unit comes with a 1 year warranty, therefore putting you at ease knowing you have a tested, reliable product.


This Temperature Humidity Transmitter with 4-20mA output is perfect for most industrial applications, these include some of the following industries: building HVAC management building HVAC automation warehouses glasshouses manufacturers museums, archives, galleries air-conditioned rooms weather stations Medical Institutions, Research labs


  • Allows remote transmission of current temperature, with safety and interference immunity.
  • The output is linearized with temperature, with a high load capacity loop.
  • 6V to 32V DC supply voltage (protected against polarity reversal).
  • It has an intelligent adaptive filter to stabilize the signal.
  • Its small size , encapsulated and sealed with resin, making it a robust, hardy device.
  • Allows for quick and easy wireless configuration via any Android smartphone, eliminating the need to carry programming cables. App is available for download from the Appstore.

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