T0110 – Air Temperature (4-20mA Output) Programmable

  • Ambient Temperature transmitter with 4-20mA output (Programmable)
  • Temperature range: -30 C to +80 C
  • Power: 9 – 30Vdc
  • LCD Display.
  • Includes Calibration Certificate.
  • Includes 3 year extended warranty




Ambient Air Temperature Transmitter with 4-20mA Output

This Ambient Air Temperature Transmitter with 4-20mA Output (Sensor) has an on board Dual Line Display, and is therefore perfect for most monitoring applications. The T0110 comes complete with a calibration certificate and 3 year extended warranty, therefore putting you at ease knowing you have a tested, reliable product.


The T0110 Temperature sensor with Galvanically Isolated 4-20mA outputs is perfect for most industrial applications, these include some of the following industries: building HVAC management building HVAC automation warehouses glasshouses manufacturers museums, archives, galleries air-conditioned rooms weather stations Medical Institutions, Research labs


This Ambient Air Temperature Transmitter with 4-20mA Output has an on board Display. The T0110 Ambient Air Temperature Transmitter with 4-20mA Output contains a microprocessor based control circuitry in a durable plastic water tight case, with connection terminals , thus ensuring it is robust enough for most applications. Outputs are set to maximum range from the manufacturer (-30 to +80°C), but are adjustable by the user. To adjust the Output ranges, simply plug in the LP003 cable and adjust using our free software. It is possible for the user to set the units to Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, the Large Dual Line Display can also be turned off, if required. To see a list of our most popular sensors and transmitters, click here, various Outputs and Options available.  For more info, please see www.comet-africa.com


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