TRE37 – Wireless Shock & Humidity Logger


  • Shocks measurement: -16g … +16g, 3 axis acceleromete
  • Measuring Range: -40 C to +60 C
  • Humidity Sensor: 0-100% humidity
  • Light Sensor (Lux): Not Present
  • Post to Local PC, or to Cloud service (Receiver not included)
  • Upto 2 Year Battery Life (Replaceable Battery)
  • No Power required
  • 100m range.
  • IP54 Rated


TRE37 Wireless Shock, Temperature and Humidity Logger

Radio recorders offered by Measurequip are standalone recorders, battery-powered and easily movable. The TRE37 Tracker is a shock recorder that can measure and record for 2 years the conditions of carriage of goods. It includes the recording of temperature, Humidity and shocks (on 3 axis) as well as free fall height. It also indicates the duration of the shock and its energy. All actions are time stamped so you know when an abnormal event has occurred.


Measuring temperature and Shock during Transport Applications, The TRE37 Tracker continuously measures various parameters and stores corresponding measurements.

Upon arrival, the measurements are wirelessly downloaded on PC, through the package of the good.

Wifi Receiver not included, Sold Separately.

+- 16G shock 3 axis accelerometer
2 year battery life
868 Mhz wireless transmission
Easy Installation and Configuration


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