WT81 Digital Lux Meter

  • Compact, Robust Digital Lux Meter.
  • High Contrast LCD shows the Current Lux Reading.
  • Min Max memory.
  • Hold Function.
  • Includes Battery
  • Wide measuring range of 0 – 200 000 lux, with automatic range shift.




Digital Lux Meter

This Compact High Quality Robust Digital Lux Meter WT81 is a professional instrument for measuring illumination and brightness, which can be used in light intensity measurement engineering, quality control, illness prevention and treatment and measurement of light intensity in all kinds of environments such as factories, schools, offices, transportation routes, families, etc..

Wide measuring range of 0 – 200 000 lux, with automatic range shift. The unit is CE certified, so that you may be assured that you are getting a great quality product. This device comes in a Cardboard Outer Cover.


The high contrast LCD can shows the current Lux Reading. Min Max memory display. Hold Function Includes 3 x AAA battery

  • Measurable Objects: Illuminance
  • Photoelectric element: Photodiode and Cosines Corrector
  • Illuminance Measuring Range: Total measuring range: 0~200 000Lux
  • Illuminance  accuracy:±3%rdg(below 10000Lux) ±4%rdg(above 10000Lux)
  • Units of Illuminance: Lux and FC 
  • LCD Display up date frequency:  Twice per second
  • Operating Temperature/humidity: 0~40℃ 10~90%RH
  • Storage temperature/humidity:  -10~50℃ 10~90%RH
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA 1,5V Battery
  • Battery life: 2000 hours
  • Auto shutdown: after 5 minutes

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