WT8823 – Combustible Gas Monitor

WT8823 – Combustible Gas Monitor Handheld

Detection of gas: Combustible Gas
Measuring range : 0-100% Level
Response time: 10 seconds
Screen: LCD


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WT8823 – Combustible Gas Monitor Handheld

Handheld Multi Combustible Monitor used to measure Combustible Gas.

Combustible gas (EX) detector is an instrument detecting gas leak concentration. It has a high-definition screen to displays measured values, and stable performance to ensure safety and reliability. With small and portable design, it is suitable for detection of gas pipelines, exhaust gas and fuel leaks, propane irrigation stations, flammable gas pipeline, etc


The small and light weight detector is easy to carry
Three alarm forms: sound/light

This device is CE and ATEX certified, so you know you are getting a quality product.


Detection of gas: Combustible Gas
Response time: 10 seconds
Charging function: √ (With rechargeable batteries, not Included)
Buzzer alarm limit settings: √
Low power indicator: √
LCD backlight display: √
Work environment: 0-50. C





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