What is Digital Anemometer ?

Digital Anemometer (Wind Speed)

This Compact High Quality Robust Digital Anemoeter, ME-WT816,  is suitable for monitoring wind speed for Home applications, as well as industrial applications. The unit can measure windspeed as well as temperature, which is widely used in air conditioning field, as well as sports applications etc. The unit is CE certified, so that you may be assured that you are getting a great quality product. This device comes with a Lanyard.


LCD displays measurement result and conditions directly. Measure Wind Speed and Temperature. Current, Maximum and Average wind speed readings Auto turn off function LCD back light function Temperature unit Celsius Degree / Fahrenheit Degree selection

  • Measuring Wind Speed Range:  0~30 m/s
  • Measuring Wind Temperature Range-10~45C (14~113F)
  • Accuracy Wind Speed: ±5%
  • Accuracy Wind Temperature: ±2C
  • Units Speedm/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph
  • Units Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit
  • Operation temperature: -10~45
  • Auto power off
  • LCD backlight display
  • Power supply: 1 x 3V Battery (Included)
  • Weight: 52g
  • Dimension: 740*18*105mm

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